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NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
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Thank you for your interest in being part of the Pop & Pour Festival team! We're glad to have you here. We're always keen to hear from friendly and positive people who want to help make this festival bigger and better each year. There are a number of ways of getting involved in Pop & Pour Festival.



Volunteering is a great way to join the Pop & Pour team. Volunteering requirements vary depending on the task but average around 6-8 hours of work before during the festival.

Volunteer Roles Include:

  • Ticket Exchange

  • Bus Leaders

  • Quality Control

  • Data Collection



This year PPPF will employ 8 Venue and 2 Traffic Team Leaders. The successful candidate will need to:

  • be an excellent communicator

  • have experience working under significant pressure

  • have the ability to problem solve on the spot

  • poses a welcoming and approachable demeanour


Full details of the terms and conditions of volunteering will be sent out by our Festival Director and can be found here on our website. Volunteer applications are open until October 31st, but we recommend getting in early as most positions are usually filled well before the end date.


Please take a moment to download and read our volunteers info document before you apply and keep a copy of it handy, as it has a lot of useful information about how to apply and the various processes before, during and after the festival for volunteers.